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Make your own hydrolyzed whey protein popsicles. Less than €0.50 per piece. New generation of ice cream for figure-conscious people.

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  • Less than 1% fat

  • Less than 1% sugar

  • Lactose free

  • High Protein

Who is ICH UND EISLIEBE suitable for?

For everyone who wants to live healthy and fit - i.e. for those who are health and figure-conscious. For everyone who wants to experience quickly digestible protein building blocks (amino acids) and protein chains (peptides) and take them with a delicious ice cream snack. For everyone who values ​​the best organic quality and complete, fast organic availability. Who want to maintain or improve their muscle and bone structure. Who continue to enjoy and still want to live more health-consciously. For everyone who wants to strengthen their immune system and vitality in a natural way.

  • »Super healthy and delicious!«

    » Super DIY ice cream way that tastes great and is healthy. The kids like it too

    Pina N. from Hamburg

  • »Perfect snack between meals.«

    » Every day I snack on one or two delicious popsicles from EISLIEBE. «

    Vicky T. from Munich

  • »Always after sport.«

    » I always enjoy the delicious mango ice cream after exercise! Just something different. «

    Dirk R. from Ahaus

  • »More than enthusiastic!«

    » Ultra delicious! Fits perfectly into my nutritional program. I'm excited. «

    Lucie V. from Munster

  • »Super cool product!«

    » Cool idea! Super cool nutritional values! Cool taste! Just cool.😎 «

    Fabienne R. from Cologne

  • "Yummy!"

    » Didn't think powdered ice cream tasted so good. Best Summer Companion! «

    Karlotta V from Hamburg

  • »Absolute ice cream recommendation.«

    » The ice cream not only tastes super delicious, but is also healthy and always ready to hand in my freezer! «

    Fabi van E. from Munster

Snacking without regrets with EISLIEBE - the special DIY mango ice cream.

It's what's on the inside that counts: no added sugar, almost fat-free and with plenty of hydrolysed whey protein - that's what our globally unique DIY protein ice cream powder ICH UND EISLIEBE stands for. Unlike other protein ice creams on the market, it is made from totally fermented whey protein hydrolyzate (WPH). The higher the WPH content in an ice cream, i.e. free peptides + amino acids, the higher the quality and gentler the ice cream. The easy digestion of the fully hydrolyzed WPH reduces fatigue and better brings the protein to the cellular level. The special WPH extraction process is patented.

The valuable 20 protein building blocks, best known as amino acids , are 100% important for our appearance. – For muscles, bone structure, skin and hair. EISLIEBE is therefore good for you. Good for children and adults. The ideal treat for the whole family. Also perfect for all figure-conscious people who want to lose weight quickly and easily .

At a glance

✅ BIO-fermented micro protein
✅ With 20 amino acids + peptides
✅ Super easy to digest
✅ Purely natural
✅ Lactose-free
✅ Patented BIO process
✅ Made in Germany

To the product
  • Tested raw materials

  • valuable content

  • Made in Germany

  • Process patented

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