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Protein ice cream powder ME AND EISLIEBE 400g bag

Protein ice cream powder ME AND EISLIEBE 400g bag

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Micro-whey protein ice cream powder with mango freshness for delicious DIY ice cream sticks with about 20 times less sugar and about 70 times more protein than conventional ice cream sticks. For about 80 ice creams of 50ml each.

✅ Simply prepare and freeze yourself
✅ About 80 pcs. Ice cream á 50ml per pack
100% organic quality
Fully fermented
Protein-rich / BCAA-rich
Microfinely chopped, super digestible
Best BIO availability in the small intestine
No gas formation and colon irritation
Purely natural
Less than 1% fat
Less than 1% sugar
Patented BIO process
✅Made in Germany

Calorific value / 100 g

409 kcal / 1715 kj

Protein 74.5g


- of which sugar




- hereof: saturated fatty acids



Salt 1.20g
vitamin E 19.8mg *

* %NRV - percentage of nutrient reference values
(Nutrient Reference Values) according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011

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Delivery time 2 – 3 working days


Whey protein hydrolyzate, acidifier citric acid, flavoring, sweetener sucralose, coloring beta-carotene


For one portion, weigh 20-30g of powder (about 2-3 tablespoons) and shake with 300ml of water, oat milk or a coconut drink in a shaker. Then pour into suitable ice molds (popsicles) and freeze. Enjoy delicious after a few hours!

Advice for allergy sufferers

Lactose free. However, traces of gluten , chicken egg protein and nuts cannot be ruled out.


You can prepare about 80 delicious DIY protein popsicles from one pack. This not only saves CO2 during transport, but also avoids a lot of packaging waste.

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Why ICH UND EWIG® Whey Protein?

The hydrolyzed whey protein from ICH UND EWIG® is a premium whey protein (WPH) that is already broken down into peptides and amino acids in the dairy. This process makes the product more gut-friendly and ensures the best BIO availability, since the metabolism of conventional protein (WPC) is often associated with more energy expenditure and digestive disorders. In addition, according to the latest scientific research, the amino acids ensure optimal performance of the body and brain, protection against harmful environmental toxins and radiation, and a positive influence on biological age.