Gewichtsabnahme trotz Appetit

Weight loss despite appetite

Weight loss occurs when a negative calorie balance is achieved. This will make you lose weight and the pounds will fall off. However, sometimes appetite and weight disappear unintentionally. If this condition persists for a long time or if you lose weight even though you are eating normally, you should consult a doctor. In this article we will look at voluntary and intentional weight loss .

Weight loss despite appetite - this is how it works

Do you want to lose weight but your appetite is preventing you? Then you should first determine your body weight. With a BMI calculator, you can objectively check whether the scale shows too much or too little. You should only lose weight if you actually weigh too much. If this is the case, first ask yourself the following question: How many kilos do I want to lose?

Once you've set your goal, you should aim for a maximum weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kg per week. Because body weight and BMI have a major impact on our health.

3 tips for successful weight loss despite appetite

1. Consciously lose weight: Observe your eating habits
The first step is to find out when and why you are overeating and why you are eating unhealthy foods. You can uncover unfavorable habits with a food diary or use appropriate apps for this. Also make sure that you eat regularly and above all the right things. 

2. Don't give up and motivate yourself
It is important that you do not give up immediately if you give in and have a weak moment. This is completely normal and allowed to happen. After all, you have to be comfortable with the whole process. Don't lose sight of your goal again immediately. Think about what can motivate you to persevere. Maybe there are challenges with sports enthusiasts from your circle of acquaintances or special apps for targeted weight loss? Also, don't forget to reward yourself when you've made some progress on the path to your feel-good weight. How about, for example, a long-awaited item from your favorite shop?

3. Replace selected meals with our delicious protein popsicles or make a delicious shake out of our EISLIEBE protein
Get creative yourself and mix your own protein shake from our ice powder! The protein ice cream powder is very easy to digest because it is fermented. For one serving, simply mix 20g-30g powder (about 2-3 tablespoons) with 300ml water, oat milk or a coconut drink in a shaker. It's quick, can be easily established as a routine and helps effectively with weight loss.

Muscles help in weight loss

Muscles are real kilo destroyers. Because they also consume energy when we are lying on the sofa. The greater the muscle mass in the body, the higher the basal metabolic rate. And as always, the beginning is particularly difficult here: Many people find it difficult to imagine suddenly starting strength training. But once you get the hang of it, strength training can be fun. It is also important that you consume enough protein. Protein shakes help you to build up your muscles faster and to provide your muscle cells with sufficient "muscle food".

No food cravings despite appetite

Food cravings are treacherous for weight loss. They can destroy even the best weight loss plan. Arm yourself against these attacks - a pot of tea or a brisk walk can help. Important: Choose foods for your meals that fill you up for a long time. A large glass of still water often helps against sudden food cravings.

Fiber, complex carbohydrates and proteins help with weight loss

It's all in the right mix! Fiber in particular keeps blood sugar levels low and reduces the risk of food cravings. If hunger still persists, munch on fresh veggies to stay lean and healthy. Smoothies made from fresh ingredients, vegetables cooked in coconut oil or coconut milk or low-calorie snacks such as unsalted nuts are also helpful against cravings in between.

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