100% Durch-fermentiertes Protein-Eis am Stiel

100% Well Fermented Protein Popsicles

Ideal for athletes and anyone who wants to keep themselves physically fit and healthy.

The amino acid store in the body must have enough amino acids available every day in order to cope with physical exertion. So if you do sports, you should regularly replenish your protein intake. Anyone who engages in intense physical activity for more than two hours and does not pay attention to an adequate supply of amino acids can suffer from muscle wasting.

According to a US study, the "refueling" of the amino acid store can be achieved most quickly and easily with a bio-fermented WPH protein, which is abundantly available in ICH UND EWIG® in the DIY protein ice cream ICH UND EISLIEBE . The study shows that athletes who reduced their performance to 85% after just under an hour and then paused to achieve 100% performance again had already reached the 100% goal after five hours. – But only with the micro-protein, the WPH (see R-Point = Recovery). And not with the raw WPC or collagen proteins often found in conventional protein shakes.

Muscle Building with Popsicle Protein

More than an ordinary protein powder

The unique WPH by Dr. Priemer , which we use in the ICH UND EISLIEBE protein powder, is a very high-quality whey protein that is already broken down into peptides and amino acids in the dairy over a long period of time. Experts speak of fermentation or pre-digestion because it relieves the work of the stomach and small intestine. The extraction procedure is from Dr. Priemer is patented and finally enables us to do something good with a sufficient and concentrated supply of protein instead of burdening our intestines as before. So have fun eating ice cream.😋

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